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Vídeo Tutoriales Trucos DJ Serato Scratch

Vídeo Tutoriales Trucos DJ Serato Scratch

En el último artículo, pudimos ver varios video tutoriales de Serato, técnicas como el Beat Juggle, manejo de Loops, CUE, Pitch, consejos válidos no solo para Serato, si no, para cualquier programa de DJ, en especial para aquellos que utilizan discos de código.

Hoy es el turno de una nueva serie de vídeo tutoriales realizados con Serato Scratch, pero que nuevamente, nos serán de utilidad para aprender técnicas que podremos utilizar con otros programas, aprenderemos sobre los diferentes modos de estos programas ABS, INT, REL que hacen referencia a los modos Absoluto, Interno y Relativo, aprenderemos a calibrar correctamente los discos de código o trabajar con un solo plato o CDJ, mediante el uso de los “Instant Doubles”, tema que tocaremos mas a fondo en el próximo artículo.

Tutorial – Calibrating Your Decks
In this tutorial, we explain why you should calibrate your set-up and how to do it.

Tutorial – Using Different Modes (ABS, REL, INT)
This tutorial looks at the various modes Scratch LIVE offers and the benefits of using each: Absolute, Relative and Internal.

Tutorial – Mixing with One Turntable
This tutorial runs through a simple solution when one of your turntables gets it's fail on.

Scratch Live – Instant Doubles (The gig saver)
This feature allows you to mix all night with two decks even though you only have one physical deck. It can be a real gig saver. Get familiar with how to use it, it might save you money and a gig someday. To make Instant Doubles work – 1)Go into the Set-up screen. 2)Click the Playback tab and put a check mark in the Instant Doubles box. 3)Set the virtual deck with no control source attached to it on INT mode. 4)When the song is playing from your control source, you can load the same song to the opposite virtual deck. It begins at the same beat and on time with the other side. 5)Move the crossfader to the other side and now you have your control source free again to scratch or mix in your next song. 6)Repeat this all night long. For more info check out and if you need help or have questions, let me know. You can also start a help request on the Serato website.

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