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Construye una cabina de DJ con materiales de IKEA

Construye una cabina de DJ con materiales de IKEA

En esta web, ya hemos tratado el tema de la importancia de la correcta colocación de los altavoces y de un espacio de trabajo apropiado, la cabina del DJ es esa zona donde tenemos que tener todo a mano, de la forma mas natural posible…si tenemos que trabajar de forma incómoda durante horas, esto se notará en el trabajo y en nuestra salud.

Una cabina que no tenga la altura apropiada, puede hacer que nos resulte incomodo trabajar (si es muy alta), o que nos termine por doler la espalda (si es muy baja)…aveces, no se trata de realizar grandes inversiones, con materiales muy sencillos y económicos, podremos construir una cabina de lo mas profesional…eso nos muestran en los siguientes vídeo tutoriales, como construir una cabina de DJ, con materiales de IKEA, pero en realidad nos pueden servir cualquier tipo de material que podemos encontrar en tiendas de brigolage.

How To Build A DJ Booth With IKEA Parts
Are you looking for the perfect Dj booth? Why not build your own?I needed one with plenty of storage for my record collection. This is a sort of "off the cuff" video demonstration for assembling a Dj booth/audio desk using parts from IKEA. It was inspired by something I saw on the Dj Tech Tools website. Some of the information on their site was outdated & incorrect so you may find this video to be a nice supplement. I'm no handy man so please be easy on me. PART ONE – Kallax Bookshelf Let's start with the Kallax. The Kallax is the base of the desk. You can use one if you like or two if you desire a deeper desk with more storage space for records. Two pairs of Capitas for mounting the shelves. You'll need two small square shelves for speakers and one long shelf for laptops and controllers. Despite the daunting instructional guide the Kallax was quite simple to assemble and it took about 15 mins. Here is a complete Kallax in all of its glory. PART 2 – Capita long shelf leg This bolt comes with the Capita. We'll us it to mount the Capita to the Kallax and later to mount the shelves. Find a good spot to mount the Capita and drill a hole in the Kallax top big enough for the bolt to screw through like you see here. Let's move on. (I had a small hand held vaccuum available to clean up dust from the particle board.) Next we'll attach the Capita to the Kallax to get a feel for how we want it positioned. I would not recommend twisting it on like I did here in the video as it will scratch the surface of the Kallax. What you should do is screw the bolt in to the Capita from the bottom with a wrench. As you can see it's quite sturdy. You could have the angle facing in or out. Up to you. Measure where you placed the first hole and follow the same steps on the other end of the Kallax. You could place a piece of paper or thin cardboard down before attaching the Capita to prevent it from scratching the Kallax surface. I've made some mistakes as this was my first build and I managed to scratch the surface a little. I pretty much went at this guerrilla style so please feel free to do what you think is best. PART 3 – Lack long Laptop shelf Now let's move to the first of three shelves. The long shelf is for your laptop and controllers. Place the long shelf on the Capitas while they are mounted to the Kallax and use the sharpy to draw in guides for your screw holes on the underside of the long shelf. Now remove your Capitas and line them up. Use a small drill bit and drill small holes at the guide points so you can easily screw your smalls screws in. Do the same for the other Capita and connect the top shelf to the Kallax by lining up the Capitas to the bolts and twist the bolts in from the underside of the Kallax top. Part 4 – Lack speaker shelves Let's move on to the small speaker shelves. Drill a hole in through the top long laptop shelf like we did with the Kallax. We will use large bolts to connect the small shelves to the long shelf with the second pair of Capitas. The bolts are not long enough in this case as the top shelves don't really match the rest of the desk and they are a bit thicker so I went to the hardware store to pick get longer bolts. I used the big plastic washer from the Capita bolts for support as you see here. Now with your Capita removed do the same thing we did ealier and draw drill guides with the silver sharpy. Place the Capita dead center of the small shelf and place your guide dots. Use the smalls screws to attach the Capita to the small shelf and then connect it to the long shelf with the extra long bolt. Use a wrench to thighten the bolt. Follow the same steps for the second small shelf and you 're done. 2 X KALLAX $64.99 each Shelving unit, black-brown CAPITA $19.99 / 2 pack Bracket, stainless steel LACK $14.99 Wall shelf, black-brown 2 X LACK $6.99 Each Wall shelf, black Shipping $99 Tax $14.31 2x bolts from hardware store $0.49 each Download the songs from this video

Guide: DIY DJ Booth from IKEA Parts – Build 1
DIY Professional DJ Booth from IKEA Parts: Guide 1 Best way to get a Professional DJ Booth without the high cost. Special thanks to djforums and djtechtools for the ideas 1: EXPEDIT-Shelving unit 2. CAPITA legs 3. CAPITA Bracket 4. LACK wall-shelf 5. 2 x small LACK shelves 6. 2 x GODMORGON legs 7. BJÄRNUM-Folding hook 8. DIODER LED 4 piece strip set Step 1 : Mount the CAPTIPA legs to the underside of the EXPEDIT shelving unit Step 2 : Mount the angular CAPITA legs to the LACK wall shelf Step 3 : Then mount connect to the EXPEDIT shelving unit Step 4 : Connect the GODMORGON legs to the EXPEDIT shelving unit Step 5 : Connect the small LACK shelves to the GODMORGON Legs Step 6 : Connect the BJARNUM hooks to the side for headphones

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