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Exhibición de DJ Flipside Numark NS7-III

Exhibición de DJ Flipside Numark NS7-III

Andaba yo buscando noticias para publicar, y me encuentro con este vídeo de DJ Flipside marcándose una performance con la nueva Numark NS7-III, el buque insignia de Numark y probablemente uno de los mejores controladores para DJ que se pueden encontrar en el mercado.

La Numark NS7-III es una gran controladora para DJ, que trata un poco de hacer lo que comentaba en el anterior artículo, integrar programa de DJ y controlador en una sola unidad, por desgracia se queda un poco a medias y seguimos dependiendo de un ordenador para poder trabajar (aunque tambien funciona como mixer independiente)…no estoy seguro de si llegará el momento en el que pueda conectar un teléfono móvil en vez de un portátil, eso es algo  que veremos en unos meses, tal vez con alguna actualización del firmware de la controladora.

NUMARK NS7III – Official Performance Video ft. DJ Flipside
The flagship NS7III controller is a premier four-deck controller for Serato DJ. Featuring three high-resolution color screens with a stackable waveform display and an interactive control surface, the NS7III forges a kinetic—no, make that radioactive— connection between the audience and your music. The NS7III is the ONLY motorized controller on the market today that gives the dedicated turntablist a true and authentic mixing and spinning experience. With our exclusive 3 full color LCD screens, we're dedicated to allowing you to focus 100% of you attention on your mix, your controller, your audience, and your craft. While our competitors might still be chasing that dream, Numark has arrived! This controller offers features and performance that sets it way above conventional DJ controllers, even other companies’ so-called “top-of the line” units. This is the Big Daddy of controllers. If you’re serious about your performance, this is where you want to be. From the pace-setting performance of our earlier CDX and NS7FX to the ground-breaking features of our amazing NS7II, Numark continues to lead the charge and blaze new trails in motorized, innovative DJ Technology! Professional Features, Professional Performance Don’t settle for less. You demand no-compromise performance from your equipment and the NS7III delivers—like nothing else out there. Building upon our acclaimed and wildly-popular NS7II, the NS7III continues Numark’s “best of both worlds” approach by fusing the power of a Serato DJ-managed digital music library with the highly-desired response of a professional DJ turntable. Then the NS7III really raises the bar with real time visual feedback of Serato DJ via three vibrant, 4.3-inch full-color screens. Two of the screens provide moving waveforms, playhead, deck, and FX status. The third central screen gives you a dedicated view of your track library. But this is really great—this third central screen can also be switched to display stacked parallel waveforms for complete beat matching control of your active programs. Now, you can manage all your critical performance elements with the source laptop out of sight or closed altogether. The platters have a high and low torque switch that changes the resistance of the platters. We know that some DJs like their platters a little “looser” to make it easier to scratch and others prefer them a little firmer, to emulate the feel of a turntable more closely. Either way, the choice is yours—as it should be. When it comes to feel, response, and high-performance mixing, it doesn’t get any better. NS7III gives you the unmatched precision and feel of true analog turntables combined with all of the conveniences of your digital music library. You’ll feel comfortable with the NS7III right way! – NS7III Features – ● Premium Serato DJ controller with three high-resolution color screens, including the ability to display stackable waveforms ● Stacked parallel waveforms on central screen for simple, direct visual beat matching ● Screens provide 1:1 real time feedback of Serato DJ, letting you close or move the source laptop and focus on the music ● Dedicated track library screen with corresponding navigation controls ● 4 decks of Serato DJ software control; built-in 4-channel audio mixer ● 2 variable-torque motorized platters with high-resolution MIDI tracking ● Touch-activated knobs produce groundbreaking control of filters, EQ, and more ● Authentic vinyl records provide the feel of a professional DJ turntable ● 16 velocity-sensitive Akai Professional MPC pads with backlit RGB feedback ● 10 pad modes for hot cues, loops, song slicing, and sample triggering ● Dedicated 3-way touch-activated filter knob on each channel ● Dedicated touch-activated control of Serato’s 12 professional iZotope® FX ● Built-in professional 24-bit USB 2.0 audio interface ● Zone/booth outputs and balanced XLR outputs for club use ● Rugged, road-worthy metal construction ● Serato NoiseMap ready for use with extended DVS setups ● Plug and play with Serato DJ (included)—no upgrade purchase required More info here:

Respecto a la Numark NS7-III, poco que contar que no conozcáis, un controlador que ronda los 1.600€ pero que nos ofrece lo máximo en calidad, es robusta, con platos motorizados y ese tacto de vinilo que siempre es de agradecer, cuenta con 4 canales independientes, sección de efectos, PADs de performance a cargo de AKAI y en esta versión se integran las pantallas LCD que funcionan con Serato DJ…por cierto, si sois propietarios de una Numark NS7-II, podéis adquirir el conjunto de pantallas Numark NS7-II Display por apenas 300€, estos se encuentran disponibles en la tienda de Numark.


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